The Meaning of Ziteo

It is pronounced zeh-TAY-o and is a transliteration of a Greek verb (ζητέω) meaning “seeking in order to find out”.

The founders of Ziteo, Lucian Mihailescu and Lucile Dauffy

Our Story

Ziteo Medical was born from a personal health scare that revealed significant gaps in the detection of cancer. The founders of Ziteo, Lucian Mihailescu and Lucile Dauffy, recognized the urgent need for advancements in diagnostic imaging. Leveraging Lucian’s expertise in high-resolution imaging systems and Lucile’s background in medical physics, they founded Ziteo, Inc. to address gaps in the management of cancer and other diseases. In founding and growing Ziteo, they were as committed to developing relevant products that make a real difference as they were to cultivating a vibrant work culture. They envisioned a workplace where every team member has the opportunity to grow, contribute meaningfully, and fully enjoy their experience.

The Team

The Ziteo team brings together inventors, dreamers, and doers. We believe in the power of technology to save lives. We are working to improve the health of millions of people around the world.

Andrei-Claudiu Cosma

Aron Sarmasi

Cynthia Meza

Ed Han

Gopal Nataraj

James Guzman

Jan-Ulco Kluiwstra

Kendrick Go

Kyle Champley

Lauren Mathis

Luca Caucci

Lucian Mihailescu

Mous Tatarkhanov

Otilia Rancea

Paul Barton

Pepe Davis

Trevor Amarante

Who We Are

Visionary and humble: we are innovators and problem solvers. We are transformational, positive thinkers, who strive to remain approachable, and empathetic.

Driven and respectful: we are defined by high energy, boldness, and enthusiasm, while also caring deeply for family and local life. We are committed to personal growth and development. We strive for excellence in both our work and personal lives.

Inspired and hard-working: we are a multicultural team, passionate to change things for the better. We’re lively and fun and we work hard to get things done by being grounded, perseverant, trustworthy, and committed.


Advancing breakthrough technology,
to reimagine medical imaging


Addressing some of the most
significant needs in diagnosis and treatments


Transformational thinking
to tackle diseases around the world

Clinical Advisors

We are being guided by the top world luminaries in radiology.  Their expertise covers the full spectrum of radiology including cardiology, breast imaging, brain imaging and interventional radiology. This group sets the course for the future of radiology and they are very excited by our technology.

Ronald Arenson, MD

CAB Chairman

100th President, RSNA

Umar Mahmood, MD, PhD

Division Chief, Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging, Massachusetts General Hospital

Professor of Radiology, Harvard

Mary Mahoney, MD, FACR, FSBI

Chair & Professor of Radiology, University of Cincinnati

Satoshi Minoshima, MD, PhD

Chair & Professor of Radiology, University of Utah

Mark Wilson, MD

Chief of Radiology, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital

Vice Chair & Professor of Radiology & Biomedical Imaging, UCSF

Board of Directors

Pepe Davis, PhD

President and Director

Lucian Mihailescu, PhD

Founder and Director

Kate Garrett


Colby Wood


Deng Mao, PhD


Our Investors

Our partners are veteran medical device investors.