Earlier Cancer Diagnosis Improves Patient Outcome

Timely detection and personalized treatment are pivotal in the fight against cancer. Our mission is to advance cancer imaging technologies that enable early cancer diagnosis before metastasis, and enhance the precision of personalized therapies, thereby improving the odds of survival and the quality of life for countless cancer patients across the globe.

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Advancing Medical Imaging

Ziteo’s imaging technology does not come from incremental changes, it is a significant advancement. In our first clinical study, we demonstrated superior image resolution and quality when compared to state-of-the-art clinical systems.

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The Team

The Ziteo team brings together inventors, dreamers, and doers. We believe in the power of technology to save lives. We are working to improve the health of millions of people around the world.

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At Ziteo, we want to fulfill the promise of early cancer detection and to enable more effective treatments. That’s why we’re developing the most advanced medical imaging equipment. If you’re interested in participating in the development of the next-generation medical imaging, please check out our openings!

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